Frequently Asked Questions

"Do I need to take courses or purchase self-study kits in order to achieve a certification?"

No, you are only required to pass the necessary exams. This is further explained on the Certifications page.

"How do I take exams?"

You can take exams at any Pearson VUE testing center or via Online Proctoring, which enables you to take exams from your home or office workstation with a live proctor. For a list of locations nearest to your region and to schedule exams, visit:

"How long are the exams?"

Most exams are one hour long; however, lab exams can be up to two hours in length.

"Can I retake an exam if I fail?"

Yes, you can retake any exam. Be sure to view the retake policy displayed on the Exams page of the school Web site.

"I recently completed a Pearson VUE exam. Why do I not see the exam listed in my online exam history?"

Depending on the geographical location of the testing center, it can take several business days for Arcitura to receive your exam results from Pearson VUE. If you do not see your exam listed within 5 business days of having completed the exam, submit an inquiry to one of our student administrators via:

"What is the relevance of an honors designation?"

If you attain an honors designation for a given certification, it will be indicated in your official transcript and you will receive a Certificate of Excellence that indicates your honors status. Also, obtaining an honors designation is important for those interested in becoming Certified Trainers.

"How can I achieve the honors designation for an exam?"

By completing the exam with a grade that is at least 10 percentage points higher than the required passing grade. For example, if the passing grade for an Exam is 78%, a grade of 88% or higher is required to achieve the honors designation.

"How can I achieve an honors designation for a certification?"

By completing each exam required for the certification with an honors grade.

"How do I get access to high-definition logo images?"

You can contact the school directly to request high-definition versions of the logo images. If you have your AITCP login credentials, you can download the logo image files via the online Member Administration System.

"Where can I find the current schedule for Arcitura courses and workshops?"

Visit the Workshops page or use the,, or to view the calendar with the specific workshops highlighted. Note that these pages are frequently updated.

"I am registering for an upcoming workshop. How can I study in advance of taking the courses?"

When registering for a workshop, be sure to indicate that you would like to receive the course materials ahead of time. Note that you will likely be charged extra shipping costs.

"How can I be updated when new certifications, exams, courses, or self-study kits become available?"

You can send a blank e-mail to to be automatically notified via periodic updates. However, the fastest way to receive updates is to connect to the Arcitura via LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

"Will you come to my location to train me?"

Yes, a Certified Trainer can be sent to your location. Contact to inquire about pricing, availability, and minimum class sizes.